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We provide everything you need to gain insights from your DNA,
DNA Methylation and NAD levels to provide you with our personalized supplements and skincare products
to maximize your health and wellness throughout your life.
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With our Anti aging supercentenarian package

Carefully formulated with only the best molecules and technologies available to extend your health span.

This Package Includes:

NMN & 5-MTHF supplement

NMN has been able to suppress age-associated weight gain, enhance longevity metabolism and physical activity, improve insulin sensitivity, improve eye function, improve mitochondrial metabolism and prevent age-linked changes in gene expression. In combination with 5-MTHF you will be assured that you DNA methylation is up and running to support all the benefits gained from NMN.

NMN, Hyaluronic acid & Astaxanthin face cream

Powered by NMN, Hyaluronic acid & Astaxanthin, each molecule in this unique formulation is powerful enough on it's own, and in combination they are unsurpassed. Hyaluronic acid will hydrate your facial skin like no other. NMN helps to rejuvenate your skin cells through molecular DNA repair and Astaxanthin will help protect your skin, leaving you with younger, fresher, firmer and more hydrated skin.

Whole genome sequencing

Forget about 23andMe and Ancestry, why would you only sequence a few genes to get information about lineage. While you can sequence your whole genome and uncover much more information including your lineage, mutations that drive cancer progression, medicine to avoid, information about your nutrition and fitness, And many more essential insights to increase your health span.

whole genome bisulfite sequencing

Get a full picture of your real biological age without skipping any information, with Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing. It is currently well established that DNA methylation biomarkers can determine biological age of any tissue across the entire human lifespan. Information is key and with whole genome bisulfite sequencing you will have all information you need to start tracking and improving your health and longevity.

NAD test

As we age NAD levels decline and declining NAD levels are one of the main drivers of aging. With this state of the art NAD test you can conveniently test your NAD levels at home, and be sure that you are taking the right amount of NMN supplementation and that you are on the right track when it comes to restoring your NAD.
This Longevity Package contains everything you need for the first whole year to kick start Longevity regime. You will get 3 reports with biological data on your whole Genome, your whole DNA Methylation and your NAD level. Included with 12 NMN/5-MTHF supplement bottles and 2 NMN, Hyaluronic acid, Astaxanthin face cream jars.

Laboratories - GMP certified

Bottled - In USA

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Each batch is tested in our state-of-the-art laboratory and again through a third-party independent laboratory to ensure you get the purest NMN supplement available.

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  • NMN has been my go-to for over a 8 months now. I like that they offer only what is really needed for longevity, but even more so I've seen the positive impact on my body. NMN is a top supplement because it helps me to stay in shape with all of its benefits: muscle building, fat burning, and improved energy levels. Cellulim is NMN
  • I have been taking NMN for a few months now and it has completely changed the way I work. I feel more energized, productive and always in a good mood. Cellulim is one of my favorite supplements because it is all well balanced with natural ingredients, has no side-effects and can be used by anyone who is looking to improve their well-being.
    Martin McClary
  • I've been trying to find a supplement which can help me with my weight loss goals and I think I've finally found the best one. Cellulim is a non-prescription, drug-free and it really works! And I'm not the only one who noticed it, my friends are all talking about how fast they see the benefits.
    M. Duong
  • I am a woman in my late 30s and had been feeling lethargic and sluggish. The NAD test let me know that my NAD levels started to decrease. Within just a few days on NMN, I was feeling more energetic, focused, and even started sleeping better!
  • I think this NAD test is just fantastic! I had been wondering for a while about my NAD levels and was hesitant to go to the doctor. But with the NAD test of Cellulim I could not only track my NAD levels but also gave me some suggestions for supplements that would help. I just ordered the ones suggested, and I feel so much better.
  • NMN Cellulim has been the only product that has helped my acne. I've tried everything from prescriptions to diet changes, and nothing worked. I was skeptical at first but last night I used Cellulim and woke up with much less redness on my face!
  • Cellulim is my favorite NMN face cream. I'm in my late 40s and start to see some wrinkles around my eyes and mouth. Using Cellulim face cream, I can visibly see the difference after just a few days of use. My skin is more supple, radiant, and young looking!
  • I am a 45 year old woman and I have been using Cellulim face cream every morning and night and I am so happy with the results. The lines around my mouth are fading, and my skin looks tighter too. Definitely give this product a try!
    B. Keating
  • I have been using Cellulim face cream for the last few months and I LOVE IT. Cellulim is leaving me with soft, glowing skin. It also smells good, which is always a plus when you're putting something on your face. The best news? My skin feels so much better than it did before!
    Joe Haskins
  • After I got my whole genome sequenced, I realized that Cellulim helped me understand myself better. Cellulim opened up a lot of doors for me and really helped me to define who I am.
    D. Ellis
  • Sequencing my whole genome is great because it allows me to know more about myself. I always wondered what my ancestry was like and what information was hidden in my DNA, I was able to compare my genomic data with my brothers, just amazing. It's so easy and affordable.
  • Cellulim is one of the best NMN supplements I've ever tried. It's a great way to get the NAD your body needs. I take it every day and it has helped me a lot with my energy levels and moods. I feel like this supplement has been key in helping me reach my fitness goals.
    S. Lara
  • I am a postdoctoral research in Bioinformatics and when I was looking for a platform that would enable me to access the whole human genome at once I came across Cellulim. At the time, the price point was over my budget, but they were having a one-time introductory offer and I found it to be worth every penny. The quality of the data is mind blowing.
  • The Whole genome bisulfite sequencing service that I was able to use to identify the methylation of my DNA gave me a lot of insights about my biological clock and health. What Cellulim offers is cutting-edge technology and will be on the forefront of what's happening right now.
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