How to cure cancer in the future

Cancer is one of the largest global health issues in the world. It is an very complex disease, and early detection and novel therapeutic treatments are essential for more effective tumor treatment. With the development of genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics, the therapeutic approach has moved from hypothesis-driven targeted investigations to data-driven un-targeted investigations.

The focus changed to integrated prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer in individual patients. Personalized medicine is still the most promising approach to reduce the burden of cancer and facilitate more accurate prognosis, diagnosis, as well as effective treatment.
How to personalize your medicine:
Genomics: Sequencing DNA of the tumor
Proteomics: Analyzing protein production
Bioinformatics: Combining genomics, proteomics and literature.
Living biobank and cryopreservation of living tumor cells: to establish primary tumor organoid cultures for cancer therapy and drug responses

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