A new stem cell therapy approach to combat the corona virus (Covid 19).

How we believe they have done it:

On 4-4-2020 Abu Dhabi stem cell center announced to have a new therapy that can be used to stop degradation of the body during the covid-19 infection. They managed to isolate stem cells. Which type of stem cells has not been stated most likely it was the mesenchymal stem cell.
The mesenchymal stem cell is known for its suppression of T cells, which are the ones causing a lot of immune responses worsening the already struggling body during Covid-19 infection.
The Abu Dhabi stem cell center realized that immunosuppression capabilities of mesenchymal stem cells will help patients recover quicker. They used a unique way to administer the stem cells. Most laboratories would administer these stem cells trough the veins (intra ventricular) but the Abu Dhabi stem cell center choose to administer the “mesenchymal stem cells” directly into the lungs.
First, they collected peripheral blood from the patient (with or without grow factors, both are possible). Then they probably cultured the Mononuclear cells to grow and isolate the mesenchymal stem cells.
Then they activated the mesenchymal stem cells with interferon gamma which reduce graft-vs-host symptoms. Which is exactly wat the patient needs when the body cannot distinguish between own tissue and foreign tissue. It may be clear that the therapy does not kill the virus, however suppressing the immune response during the infection is a great relieve for the lung cells already under attack by the virus.
The interesting part of this research is that they released the stem cells in a Humidifier that was able to produce mist with the stem cells inside these miniscule droplets, which can be inhaled by the patient. The Activated mesenchymal stem cells well known to suppress the immune system are now administered directly in the lungs where they are needed the most.
The Abu Dhabi stem cell center announced that 73 patients that have been successfully treated with the new therapy.
The clinical trials that will be conducted will be of great value to the stem cell research community.

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