Hyperpigmentation, can this secret molecule NMN, Which is the most potent Longevity skin cream known to mankind

Posted at Aug. 26, 2022, 12:18 p.m.

Did you know that NMN, Which is a small molecule already in your cells but declines as you age, can do amazing things when applied on your skin. Resent research has shown that NMN down-regulates melanin production in aged melanocytes. Which means that NMN cream significantly reduces hyperpigmentation. Furthermore NMN seems to have a positive effect on protecting the skin against UV radiation.

NMN is the crown prince of the anti aging molecules. It is part of the salvage pathway and a precursor of NAD+. Which means that NMN helps providing the cell with energy. This energy is hard needed as we get older. It is even believed that we age because we lack these high energy molecules. When I talk about energy I do not mean energy from food. Even if you would eat a lot of food it would not make a difference, if this energy from this food can not reach the enzymes in your cells. 

A nice analogy would be, for example your home. In your your home you have enough energy coming out of your sockets but if you lost all you chargers many electronics would still not work even if you have enough energy at home. Imagine if I would take a way a few chargers each day. First a few electronics will stop working, but you will be fine. But after a while when your phone charger disappears the problem become clear, let alone if you have an electrical car without charger.

The same happens in cells with enzymes “which are the workforce of the cell” they need high energy molecules like NMN which functions as charger if you will. Without this charger many processes in the skin cells will go wrong. For example les collagen is produced, les repair in DNA mistakes. Les skin protection against uv radiation etc etc… and furthermore researchers are starting to agree that most of these aging processes are energy related. And that is way it makes so much sense to boost your NMN levels with NMN.

But NMN is available in two forms. 1 as a supplement and 2 as a skin cream. It is possible to use both product and see which one is best tolerated by your skin. Both the cream and the supplement have passed human clinical trails and in multiple studies researchers concluded that it is save to take NMN. NMN as a supplement in human clinal trails has shown that the overall skin quality improves and in a very specific study in mice, it has been concluded that NMN supplementation significantly protects against UV radiation.

For NMN on Skin not much was known until recently in may 2022 a research group led by Sofia Brito tried to demonstrate the effects of NMN on melanogenesis. They created a two human skin models one model with young melanocytes and one model with aged melanocytes. They looked at melanin production, protein expression, and also the DNA was analyzed.

They found that the NMN treated human cells showed no apparent effects on young melanocytes, however, in aged melanocytes, a significant reduction in melanin production was observed. Genome-wide analysis showed the down regulation of melanogenesis-related  signaling and melanogenesis-related proteins in aged melanocytes.  Which means that on DNA level genes responsible for creating melanin have been down regulated meaning the where less active in producing hyperpigmentation. Not only the genes but also specific proteins causing hyperpigmentation where reduces.

In conclusion they found that directly providing NMN to skin cells reduces melanogenesis in aged melanocytes. And NMN accomplices this by down-regulating the signaling of melanogenesis-associated receptors. That is way they concluded that, NMN is a human-friendly anti-melanogenic agent with the potential to aid in aging-related hyperpigmentation therapy.

Even tough NMN is save to take please advice your medical doctor before taking NMN supplements or NMN creams. But if you decide to buy NMN please go for a trusted brand like Cellulim. And at Cellulim we understand that it not easy to find your way trough all the anti aging molecules. We also know that every human is unique and we believe that measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement. 

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