Alolim™ – Science LB agar plate Kit, with incubator, book with experimental guidelines and more..


This one stop bacteria growing science kit includes:

  1. Agar plates – the agar is Prepoured, no warming up and making a mess with agar.
  2. Book – the book illustrates award winning science fair projects, increases experimental results and success.
  3. Incubator – the incubator increases the temperature to optimise bacterial growth. Bacteria do not grow well at low temperatures increasing temperature is essential and with this incubator you do not have to use a lamp which often get to hot or expensive laboratory equipment.
  4. Tools – like cotton swaps, pipet, kirby bauer disks, and dilution tube


This bacteria growing science kit (STEM) is a truly one stop kit. The kit contains everything needed to conduct research and culture bacteria and/or fungi.

Included in this amazing bacteria growing science kit:

☑️ The science project book which provides helps you to conduct award winning science fair projects, which include amazing experiments to grow germs at home or school.
☑️ Kit contains 10 laboratory grade LB agar plates.
☑️ Tools provided like cotton swaps, pipet, Kirby Bauer disks and dilution tube are provided to sample every object successfully.
☑️ To ensure bacteria growth, we have added a mini incubator to grow bacteria at 90 Fahrenheit (32 degrees).

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