Microfluidics in PCR

Cellfluidics™ – Microfluidics point of care device (still in development)


All our Cellfluidics™ products can be used in the traditional way with syringes, tubes, temperature controller, computers pumps etc. However with our microfluidic point of care device you can load the microfluidic like a cartridge and eliminate the need for bulky equipment.

Available on backorder


Our Microfluidics point of care device, will be available once it is approved by the CE and FDA. POC devices have many advantages like a rapid and precise response, portability, low cost, and non-requirement of specialised equipment. Our device will change the microfluidic landscape, All microfluidics cartridges of Cellulim can be loaded on the device without extra equipment. It contains a microscope, temperature controlled environment, pumps and computer all in pocket size dimensions.