Microfluidics in Cell Separation

Cellfluidics™ – Spiral Microfluidic Device


Fast and accurate sorting procedures can be performed using unique characteristics of microfluidics. Beside hydrodynamic means provided by the flow itself, the application of an external field also contributes to sorting efficiency.

This Spiral micro-channel can been used for the sorting particles of different sizes into five different outlets.


The separation of particles passively with microfluidic devices have shown numerous advantages including the low setup complexity and cost, high throughput, portability, and purity. Using microfluidics you are using highly developed passive methods that employ the physical properties of particles (mainly particle size) in the separation and recovery process.

These spiral channels can be implemented in biological processes where different sized cells need to be separated, for example, sperm, red blood cells and circulating tumour cells.

We have produced a standardised a 3d Spiral Microfluidic chip, which can be used in most experiments. However if you are Looking to buy something els just let us know, because if you can draw it, we can make it. Contact us