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DMEM/F-12 with 15 mM HEPES


DMEM/F-12 with 15 mM HEPES

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DMEM/F-12 with 15 mM HEPES is used in variety of applications. DMEM/F-12 with 15 mM HEPES has been pre-screened for use with other reagents of the Cellulim product line for maintenance culture of embryonic stem (ES) cells in the undifferentiated state.

Subtype: Basal Media
Species: Human, Non-Human Primate, Mouse, Other, Rat

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DMEM/F-12 with 15 mM HEPES

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Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Research



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Effect of chromatin structure on the extent and distribution of DNA double strand breaks produced by ionizing radiation; comparative study of hESC and differentiated cells lines
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Efficient generation of endothelial cells from human pluripotent stem cells and characterization of their functional properties.Song W et al.

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Genetically engineering self-organization of human pluripotent stem cells into a liver bud-like tissue using Gata. Guye P et al.