Cellfluidics™ – Microfluidic Gradient Generator


Microfluidic Gradient Generator have been demonstrated for linear gradient generation for biological applications with unmatched accuracy and stability.



At the fundamental level, cells in organisms are surrounded by microenvironments of different chemical concentration gradients, which play a very important role in biological systems including development, cancer metastasis, inflammation, drug delivery and wound healing.

These chemical concentration gradients can be simulated in a microfluidic gradient generator which manipulate small volumes of reagents, in nanolitres, through networks of channels. Since small reagent are used in these systems it enables cost-effective, highly compact and integrated systems.

We have produced a standardised a 3d microfluidic gradient generator, which can be used in most experiments. However if you are Looking to buy something els just let us know, because if you can draw it, we can make it. Contact us