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DNA methylation analysis


Get a full picture of your biological age with Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing.

It is currently well established that DNA methylation biomarkers can determine biological age of any tissue across the entire human lifespan. And the technology to establish this is called Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing.

If you want a full blueprint of your real biological age without skipping any information, then whole genome bisulfite sequencing is right for you.

Knowing you biological age in-depth will give you tangible date to track your progress and change your life.

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Knowing your real biological age and improving your biological age, will make you feel better and this feeling will be noticed by your loved once.

Because your biological age is determined by epigenetic alterations. During aging, there is a continuous accumulation of epigenetic changes, which might give rise to multiple age-related pathologies. This is believed to be caused by a gradual decrease in methylation conservation rates after cell divisions, a phenomenon referred to as “Epigenetic Drift”. This drift is the main principle of all Epigenetic-Based Aging Clocks.

Why Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing.

There are a growing number of epigenetic age clocks developed for humans. Like the Levin Clock, Lu Clock, Hannum Clock, Weidner Clock, Meng Wang Clock. They all determining your biological clock but the difference between the epigenetic age clocks is that they also determine whether biological age acceleration occurs in certain diseases or in response to environmental factors. Therefore it is important to go for whole genome bisulfite sequencing, because only then you have all useful biomarkers for predicting physical and mental fitness.

epigenetic age clocks are getting better and better some clocks are able to predict mortality, cancer, and coronary heart disease (CHD) to a high level of accuracy and others are able to predict cholesterol, insulin, glucose, and triglycerides levels.

Do not limit your self with one specific epigenetic age clocks while you can have them all.

Your data is gold.

Once you have your raw whole genome bisulfite sequencing data, you can even help the scientific world to progress. Because researchers are always looking for better and more accurate epigenetic age clocks and your data can contribution.

Common Techniques Used to Measure DNA Methylation

Technique Advantages
Disadvantages Notes
Affinity enrichment based (e.g., MeDIP and MBD-based methods)
Low cost relative to bisulfite sequencing.
Low resolution relative to bisulfite sequencing. Bias due to copy number variation, GC content, and CpG density. Higher input requirements than bisulfite conversion–based methods.
Straightforward for laboratories already facile with chromatin immunoprecipitation, sequencing chemistry, and bioinformatics.
Bisulfite conversion based (e.g., WGBS, RRBS, and Infinium)
Low input requirements (pg–ng scale). Single-nucleotide resolution. Can provide non-CpG information.
Labor and computation intensive compared with affinity enrichment techniques. Susceptible to bias from incomplete bisulfite conversion and bisulfite PCR artifacts.
Current gold standard. Requires specialized chemistry and computational platforms. Oxidative bisulfite sequencing permits identification of 5-hydroxymethylcytosine (see text for alternatives).

Definition of abbreviations: CpG = cytosine-phospho-guanine; GC = guanine-cytosine; MBD = methyl-CpG binding domain protein; MeDIP = methyl-DNA immunoprecipitation; RRBS = reduced representation bisulfite sequencing; WGBS = whole-genome bisulfite sequencing.

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