NMN supplements might increase your odds of getting pregnant?

Posted at July 26, 2022, 4:37 p.m.

If you want to get pregnant and you want the best reproductive outcome then there are two things you absolutely should not do. One is getting old and two getting obese. Within the scientific community there is a clear consensus that maternal obesity and advanced maternal age are closely related to poor reproductive outcomes, including early pregnancy failure, preeclampsia and neonatal conditions.

The solution, lose some weight and get children at a younger age. End of story…. But what if you have difficulties losing weight or your child wish comes at a later age. In that case we need to find other solutions. And one of the solution might be NMN, which is a molecule that is extensively involved in cellular process. I am really exited to share this with you because resent research in mice showed very promising results.

But before we go into more detail, I need to get something of my chest, Dear reader I know we humans are not the same as mice and YES results found in mice can not be extrapolated to humans. And YES I know when you empirically analyze animal models using scientific tools they fall far far short of being able to predict human responses. That is because organism are quit complex and this became especially clear in fields like evolutionary biology, gene regulation, epigenetics, complexity theory, and comparative genomics where data has shown that biology is a bit more complicated then, well if it works in mice it must work in humans too.

It is clear for me, but still, I am always exited to read new research about mice and NMN administration. And the reason is very simple, scientist are starting to agree, after conducting human clinical trails that it is safe to take NMN supplements. Since it seems to be safe for humans to take, it is worth to at least understand the science behind this incredible molecule.

First of all NMN also known as nicotinamide mononucleotide is a molecule and a precursor of the molecule NAD. It happens to be that NAD is found in all cells and regulates diverse biological processes, including aging, circadian rhythm and axon survival. To be more specific NAD regulates energy metabolism, DNA damage repair, gene expression, and stress responses.

Manny studies have shown that NAD levels decrease with aging and obesity. It also happens to be that maternal obesity and advanced maternal age are closely related to poor reproductive outcomes. Luckily for us studies have revealed that administration of NAD precursors, like NMN can efficiently increase NAD levels in various tissues and prevent such metabolic diseases.

Let us quickly start with advanced maternal age. Advanced maternal age describes a pregnancy where the woman is older than 35. Pregnant woman over the age 35 are more at risk for complications like miscarriage, congenital disorders and high blood pressure. For many people it is a given. But not for researchers, they kept looking for molecules that could stop or even reverse the aging oocyte. Research on mice is way cheaper then in humans so that is way … hypothesized that if NAD levels decrease as you age and oocyte quality also decrease as you age, if NAD levels can be restored then also the quality of oocytes can be restored. So they started giving NMN to aging mice and kept tracking the quality of oocyte. They where flabbergasted when they discovered that NMN supplementation restored oocyte quality, it even restored embryo development. Which means that aging oocytes is not a given and NMN is able to rejuvenate oocytes at least in mice.

Now I would like to discuss material obesity. It happens to be that obesity and pregnancy in humans is closely related to poor reproductive outcomes, including early pregnancy failure, preeclampsia and neonatal conditions. But how it exactly works and how to reverse and increase reproductive outcomes, is poorly understood in humans and that is way biologist went back to mice again. Where they created two groups of mice one with a normal diet and one with high-fat diet. After obesity was confirmed by specific tests. They started looking at the quality of oocyst and conformed that the group with a normal diet had qualitative better oocyte than the obese groups. Which was of course expected.

But then they did something very interesting they took a few mice from the obese group and gave them NMN and after a while they started testing and researching the oocytes and to there huge surprise data showed that the oocyte of the NMN obese mice started to rejuvenate. They did many tests and some of those test showed that the oocyte rejuvenated back to the same levels as the normal diet group. Especially when they tested ovarian weight, adipose size of abdominal fat tissue and ovarian inflammation. And in more detail the NMN administered obese group the improved oocytes quality partially by restoring the mitochondrial function, restoring actin dynamics, reducing meiotic defects, reducing DNA damage and reducing ROS level and reducing lipid droplet distribution of oocytes. This data clearly showed that NMN supplementation is beneficial for the oocytes in obese mice.

Whether the same results can be found in humans too, is something only time will tell. If you thinking to start taking NMN I have to mention that I am a biologist not a physician so please advice you medical doctor before taking NMN and when you do please go for a qualitative good product like the one from Cellulim of o what I am taking btw e myself.

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That is it for now thanks for watching and start living again because it is over before you even started.

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