Does NMN increase bone density?

Posted at Sept. 5, 2022, 6:44 a.m.

As you age your bones get weaker, we all know that. The big question here is are we humans able to reduce or even reverse this process. Or is it just a given and something we just have to except. According to the latest research you can take a simple molecule called NMN and magically your bones will get stronger. Let dive in the scientific literature and find out what is fiction and what is fact.

First let me explain how the bones get weaker as we age. Bone is densely packed with flexible fibers called collagen and hardened by calcium and phosphorus in a mineral called hydroxyapatite. Your bones, which make up about 12% to 15% of your body weight, are built to withstand great stress from activities like walking, running and jumping.

Interesting fact: A bone is a living tissue that constantly buildup and breaks down. All your bones in your body renew completely every 5 to 10 years. And did you know that you are born with 300 bones, and as you age you end up with just 206. That’s because many bones fuse together as you age.

Does bone stops growing as you get older?

When you are young, more bone is build-up then is broken down. In your 20s, the density of minerals in your bones peaks. As you continue aging, your bone mass can stabilize for a long time, but only if you have a healthy lifestyle that includes excesses and and getting the right amounts of vitamins and minerals like calcium, and vitamin D —but If you do not exercise and do not consume the right vitamins and minerals you will get out of balance which means that more bones is broken down then rebuild.

How does age affect your bones?

Natural bone loss accelerates in mid-life. This is especially true during menopause During this time, levels of protective estrogen decline. For men, the loss is more gradual because testosterone declines slowly.

By age 65, the rate of bone loss evens out among men and woman. From there, bone mass gradually declines for the rest of your life, which puts you at a greater risk for fractures.

If bone thinning makes your bone density drop below normal, you have osteoporosis, which weaken bones. This silent problem usually causes no symptoms but puts you at risk for fractures.

Let us dive a bit deeper and disuse how it works on a cellular level.

In your bones there a few different types of cells like osteoblast, osteocytes and a few more. Some of these cell types start to disfunction when they get older, and do not perform as they used to. Actually these cells should resin from their task and get rid off. But like in a real company these people are quit hard to get rid of. They slow down or even irritate other people. Sometimes they create a culture that is detrimental for the companies existence. And this is exactly what happens in bones. These dysfunctional cells are called senescence cells and they excrete molecules that can irritate other cells and cause inflammation. Which in bones is known as osteoporosis

So it is believed that that these senescence cells release inflammatory and catabolic mediators that may play a pathological role in the causation of osteoporosis.

So that is way a research group led by Kendal McCulloch started an experiment to reduce these senescence cells. So they used a mouse model with osteoporosis and started giving it NMN. After analyzing the results they found that on DNA level genes where down regulated to increase mitophagy. And they clearly concluded that NMN treatment partially reverses the effects of these senescence in human osteoblasts. And in more detail these researchers concluded that NMN did this by restoring the mitochondrial dysfunction

How to safeguard your bones

There are some steps you can take to keep your bones strong and healthy. Here’s how.

1. Fortify your bones with food

2. Do weight-bearing exercises

3. Avoid smoking

4. Get bone density (DXA) tests

5. Take medication, if needed

6. Take care of other health issues

7. Last but not least try NMN supplements

It has long been believed that Bone density declines without enough exercise, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin K and vitamin D from the foods you eat. But this research actually concluded something totally different they seem to have found a deeper cause to osteoporosis and to the decline of bone density as we age. And NMN seems to be able to partly reverse it.

For each five years that passes after age 65, your risk of fracture essentially doubles So it makes sense to take NMN especially because it has been concluded in More then 7 clinical trails that it is save to take. Most recent clinical trail even concluded that it is save to take op to 1250 mg of NMN.

Anyway..If you have spoken to your medical doctor and received green light to take NMN or NR. Please go with a trusted brand like Cellulim.

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